# gySVG

# gySVG()

Create an SVG and returns a wrapper so that it can be manipulated.

  • argument: nothing

  • return: { object } SVGWrapper an gySVG wrapper object.


Create a wrapped object from an SVG DOM object.

  • argument: {object} SVGElement an SVG element object.

  • return: {object} wrapper SVG wrapper object.

gySVG (SVGElement)

Create a specific SVG element by its tag name, i.e., a 'svg', 'circle', etc.

  • argument: {string} tagName the tag name for the new element.

  • return: {object} wrapper the new SVG wrapper object.

gySVG (tagName)

# gySVG.isWrapped ()

Check if an object is an SVG wrapper object or not.

  • argument: {object} an SVG or an SVGElement object.

  • return: {boolean} true or false.

gySVG.isWrapped (obj)